Introduction To This Shiz

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! Now, let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: the url, my username, they both lie. I’m not actually here to write book reviews that focus on what I think (for the most part, anyway). Think of me more as a bridge between fictional characters and reality, the Avatar of book reviews.

Hopefully, if you’re here, you’ll get that reference. If not, then let this be your crash course in education.

So yes, on this blog we do fanfiction meets book reviews in a way that is hopefully sassy and fun. The atmosphere will be like a good cocktail of Starbucks, a Comedy Club, and Comic Con, because wouldn’t that just be the best place on the planet? Here’s a little taste of what’s to come:

First, since the name of the game is sci-fi and/or fantasy book reviews, every month will feature a book—read by me and whoever else wants to join in (book club! Oh, we could become our own version of Hishe’s Villain Pub—YouTube, look it up). Once that book has been consumed by my eyeballs, I will henceforth be possessed by a sci-fi and/or fantasy fictional character which will give their opinion and deep thoughts on the novel. Hopefully it will not feel as horrific as it sounds. The choosing of the monthly novel and the fictional reviewer will be very poll based. Vote from the options, whichever has the highest number of votes wins. Simple, engaging, and who doesn’t love polls? The polls will be featured on my Twitter.

Secondly, to fill in the gaps between book reviews I will do more exciting stuff, like asking parents to ask their kids what they think the book we’re reading is about just from the title, Rough-Draft Book Blurbs (more on that later), and a little tidbit called Quick Summaries, which will be a list of books I’ve read that I recommend with cutesy (or terrible) one-sentence summaries which will help to add to your TBR list. As if any of us need a longer TBR list.

It’s a lot to think about, but this month will be a bit of a trail run. I’ll pick the novel as well as its fictional reviewer, and start showing how the rest of it works. It should be a good time.

*Also, if you happen across this blog and are an Indie author with self-published sci-fi or fantasy novels, please use the Contact Me plugin. You should know though that obviously not every suggestion sent to me will be reviewed in this blog. Also, if you tell me that you’d eat glass or slide into the mouth of a Sarlacc in order get me to read your book, I will automatically ignore you. Because that’s just creepy. Just be professional and don’t feel like you have to sound psychotic in order to be heard! Mm’kay?


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