According to Kids: Arclight

What do kids think Arclight is about, just from the title? In this segment of our monthly read, we’ll figure that out. These kids are all real, these are their actual responses, and they’re about as weird and random as you would imagine.

3-year-old, name unavailable – It’s about snakes and all the snakes are going to eat someone.

            If that’s true than I’m going to regret reading this almost immediately…

Pyper, age 5 – *very serious face* Planets, mom. Duh!

            Not exactly, but you’re at the right blog, Pyper!

Derek, age 4 – Uh… about condrive minions. Condrives are people who pick up other people and ask them questions while flying.

Fact: he’s on his way to writing a book of his own.

Aiden, age 8 – Shoes. Killer shoes.

            It’s like an episode of Veggie Tales. Does anyone remember angry eyebrows? No?

And there you have it. Kids will be giving their best plot-line guesses every month, so if you have a child who knows a lot (or nothing) about books, stayed tuned for next month’s title!


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