Rough Draft Book Blurbs! June Edition

Hey! Long time no write! At least on my blog, anyway. I want to share with you some rough draft book blurbs from books I’ve read in the past. Meaning, not books I’ve read in June. Reasoning being that I haven’t finished any novels this past month. I have like five I’m currently reading (oh the struggle) but none that I have actually finished. Two reasons for this:

First, let’s talk about what was supposed to be my book to review for June, The Name of the Wind. So far, I’m enjoying it, but let’s be serious here; it has over 600 pages. And I have a life, and during those breaks in life I am terrible and often watch Netflix instead of reading. First-world problems right there.

Reason number two is that we are getting a puppy by the end of the month! Because of this, the past several weeks have been devoted to reading books and studying about dog training! I’ve never been a primary trainer for a dog and I really want to get it right from the beginning, so I’m sitting down and becoming savvy on Cesar Millan, Zak George, and a few other trainers.

However, I pulled a few books out of the many I have read in the last several months, and without further ado, here are some rough draft book blurbs to inspire your reading and maybe give you a little laugh in between!

  1. Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman (YA Western) – If you’ve never read or been into westerns, I encourage you start here. Essentially, a girl totally shoots up everyone in a beautiful example of early American badassery. Oh, and cowboys have nice butts. Especially when riding horses.
  2. Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin (YA Historical Fiction/Fantasy) – What does an egocentric psychopath do when he isn’t committing horrible genocides and coordinating unspeakable evils? Yup, he’s watching people duke it out on motorcycles. Don’t question it.
  3. The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld (Fiction/Fantasy) – I have no idea what’s going on.
  4. Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas (YA Fantasy) – A book entirely devoted to childish fights between two people who will probably end up together, depression, and existential crises. What a wonderful world.
  5. In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware (Thriller) – A severely introverted writer really can’t get over a break-up. And seriously, what is it about writers having their main characters be writers?? Does that ever feel like a cop-out to anyone else?
  6. Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick (YA Post-Apocalyptic Thriller) – Teenage zombies really like eyeballs. Also, all the reasons why you should never trust the elderly.

I might make fun of them, but these are all really good books to read. Add them to your never-ending TBR pile or pick them up now and let me know what you think! Oh, and try not to be like me and, instead, turn off your Netflix show. You’ll thank me later.


Fun Question – What is the longest book you’ve ever read, and how long did it take you to read it? 


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