You Like Every Blog Post You Come Across? Really??

Look, I get it. In the publishing world where stakes are high and chances of success fall miserably lower, a certain smell of desperation can linger around even the most talented and hard-working writer.


I’d even wager and say that that same odor seeps from the armpits and underneath the bra bands of every novelist in the 21st century at one point or another.


But when you’re working hard to create your author brand and let the world see you and all that you have to benefit, do not, and I repeat, don’t fall into the trap of liking everything you come across that relates to writing or books just in the hope that everyone you recognize for five seconds will follow you.

I mean, really??

I might not be an expert or have a PHD in marketing statistics, but I can tell you with the utmost certainty that that is completely the wrong way to get yourself out there. People. Want. Sincerity. The feed-stalkers on Instagram, Twitter, and, let’s face is, WordPress, are not only easy to spot by their names suspiciously popping up on every post in a simple linear pattern, but they are also getting superficial followers.

You guessed it: really.

For those who have a couple thousand, a quarter of a million followers, or more, I initially pat you on the back for your success. That is assuming it was earned through sincerity and fantastic content, and not trolling. Because let’s face the facts here: most of the many followers anyone has won’t buy that followed person’s product. I’d give it a good 10% of those do. But that’s okay! 10% of those people actually, really, sincerely like and support you. Even if one of those people is your mom or a cousin twice-removed. Still counts, right?

So just like with a bodyweight scale or a follower count, let’s all try to stop focusing on numbers as results. They’re not.



One thought on “You Like Every Blog Post You Come Across? Really??

  1. Hollow follows boost stats but that only matter if you care about stats. I’ve found that the relationships/friendships are the most rewarding and fun part of blogging. I don’t always leave comments – since I do have an off-line life, but it’s the best way to get to know another blogger. Happy Blogging.


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