“Never tell me the odds.”
I’m pretty much a cheeky writer mom of a previous 24-week preemie who honestly believes that if you work/ pray hard enough, good things can happen. I’ve been writing novels for about 7 years and am still looking back on those years to smooth out the bumps and the amateur sentences. I write sci-fi/fantasy, I read pretty much any genre besides hardcore romance, and I hope that this blog will be both a fun and educational experience for everyone!

– If you are looking to contact me to potentially review one of your sci-fi/fantasy novels, keep a few things in mind:
1. Be professional. Don’t contact me saying you’ll gargle bleach or chew broken glass or put your hand on a hot stove to get me to read your book (I’m not joking I’ve actually had all of these things said to me before). It makes me question your sanity and not in a good way.
2. I. Love. Villains. Complex, brutal, makes me want to toss them into the mouth of a Sarlacc bad. In my opinion villains make books.
3. I love space stuff if it’s well written. Space stuff is fun and quirky and reminds me of Star Wars.
4. If I’m not entirely interested, I’m not going to do a review for it. I’m not saying this to be mean either. This blog is meant to be fun and if I’m not all that invested, it won’t be fun for anyone. Your work deserves to be read by someone who is really into the idea; just put yourself up to that standard, please.
5. Thanks for even taking the time to contact me regardless! It warms my heart and might sometimes make me cry depending upon how much sleep I got that night.

Enjoy the blog!